24 Websites for Men: The Definitive List of Sites That Don’t Suck in 2023

If you’re anything like me, you struggle to find a site of any real quality on the internet. It’s frustrating, but the current cache of popular websites for men kind of sucks. And Google isn’t doing us any favors. Is it so hard to find a quality site right now?

Obviously, The Graying Area is your go-to for all things awesome, but I also realize that I’m growing my content. It’s important to me that I offer you the value you’re looking for. So, I put together this list of websites for men. No longer will you have to wander the internet, pounding search engines, visiting unknown sites for quality content.

If you’re looking for something cool to check out, this list of websites will point you in the right direction. Let’s go!

Lifestyle Websites for Men

If you’re looking for well-rounded sites for men, these are the ones to check out. From hobbies to careers, from style to advice, these mens websites have a little of it all.

Art of Manliness

When it comes to content for millennial men and manly know how, it’s impossible not to talk about the 800-pound gorilla that is Art of Manliness. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the podcast with celebrity interviews (at least in the men’s interest space) and articles, and I’ve been a follower for at least ten years. It’s truly one of the best men’s sites and oft-visited websites on the internet.

Art of Manliness is all about enriching its subscribers’ lives. From learning new skills, reading great books, a bit of dating advice, and learning about icons of manliness from our past, Art of Manliness has something to offer just about any guy. And, as Brett McKay—the founder of Art of Manliness—is sort of the pioneer in the men’s interests sector, he deserves a spot front and center on this list.


Valuetainment might be slightly politically charged, but PBD does a great job of balancing real-life news with helpful money, business, and lifestyle advice. I personally like how he doesn’t shy away from asking the hard questions to very powerful people on his podcast, but that’s another topic for another article.

Valuetanment covers news, advice, business, money, comedy, and much more. PBD even interviewed Sammy The Bull Gravano and Michael Franzese (full disclosure, that’s how I found the Valuetainment site).

Next Luxury

I was a long-time writer and editor for NextLuxury. And, although the name might seem a little deceiving, this online men’s lifestyle magazine site itself definitely doesn’t suck. It’s constantly producing new and interesting content with modern men in mind.

Next Luxury saw a major revamp in 2020, improving its brand and content. It now brings daily value for guys, with new press release-type articles popping up all the time. And the content on booze is top-notch. Tell Jono Elderton that Tom Scalisi sent ya.

Man of Many

In my time as a men’s lifestyle writer and editor, Man of Many blasted onto the scene out of nowhere to become the definitive men’s magazine from Downunder. It was actually awe-inspiring watching it become one of the most visited websites by men. And, in some ways, it put Australian-based men’s interest websites on the American map. I love my mates from down under, but I didn’t realize how cool they were until I found Man of Many.

Man of Many covers some of the most exciting topics for everyday guys. From cars to style to tech, it’s all there. And, the site’s success is tough to argue with. If you’re looking for an awesome site for men’s lifestyles, give Man of Many a look.

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Style Websites for Men

Millennial men have a lot of really crappy style advice coming their way. Let’s face it: most of us don’t want to wear harem pants and crossbody bags. These sites offer the best style advice for everyday guys just looking to upgrade their game.

Real Men Real Style

Antonio Centeno’s Real Men Real Style should be every guy’s first stop when it comes to dressing better without looking like you’re trying too hard. RMRS offers advice on dressing up, dressing down, and everything in between.

The best part of RMRS is despite Antonio’s success, he still delivers content almost daily, between his site and YouTube channel. He’s dedicated to offering his following the best advice he can. 

The Modest Man

Full disclosure: I used to contribute to The Modest Man, but that’s not why I suggested the site. 

I was a long-time follower of Brock McGoff’s The Modest Man blog and YouTube channel before I started writing for the site. I’ve always found his advice to be practical for most guys. It also helps that he’s a genuinely good person, so be sure to check him out (even if you’re not a shorter guy).

The Modest Man centers its content around shorter men, but much of the advice is universal. He’s less about fashion trends and more about good taste. Brock gives firsthand reviews and advice, and I can tell you if he doesn’t believe in something, he’s not going to tell you he does.

Gentleman’s Gazette

The average guy doesn’t dress up all that often, and it can be really tough to find solid advice made for the everyday guy on most men’s websites. Gentleman’s Gazette is one of the best resources you can find on the subject. With reasonable advice for the average Joe in mind, there’s quite a bit of value on Gentleman’s Gazette.

Here’s the best part about Gentleman’s Gazette: The information teaches you how to dress like a gentleman, not like some guy trying to dress like a kid. There aren’t any skin-tight suits. You’ll learn how to dress well, with advice that will last you the rest of your life.

Family Websites for Men

Once you become a dad, your whole life changes, and the only other people that understand are other dads. Here are some most visited websites by guys with families.

The Dad

If you want to talk about some of the funniest, most relatable content on the internet for dads, or just guys in general, you have to check out The Dad

It’s not all fun and games for The Dad, either. There are plenty of heartwarming stories and other generally good content. In fact, I just read a story about a dog who wouldn’t leave his deceased owner’s side as he passed in the wild.

I’m not crying. You’re crying.


WilderDad is kind of friggin’ awesome. This dad blog is all about getting your kids out into nature, learning from each other, and connecting. And, there’s a lot of content to check out. 

So, here’s what you’re looking at with WilderDad: Family travel, food, and health content, as well as reviews and other inspiring stories written from one dad to another. WilderDad seriously does not suck. Check it out.


Little kids are cute, but teenagers can be downright terrifying. Fatherly’s blog is there for you through the whole thing. With articles and advice on starting a family, fitness, entertainment, and other genuinely dad-centric topics, it will see you through the toughest years.

Fatherly’s also not afraid to get a little out-of-the-box with its articles. The articles span topics like stepdad gifts, Bernie Sanders meme gear, even men’s concealer, if that’s something you need.

Automotive and Motorcycle Websites for Men

When I was in high school, the only thing I wanted to do was drive fast cars and write stories about them. Someone told me I couldn’t make any money writing. Look at me now. 

Car and Driver

Every millennial kid turned millennial man has drooled all over a Car and Driver magazine at some point in their life. Every issue was full of gorgeous feature shots and masterfully written articles. The website’s no different, and that’s probably why it’s one of my most visited websites.

Car and Driver has just about everything automotive under one roof, er, URL. From reviews on brand new grand tourers to archived content of old rally cars and family station wagons. You can seriously find anything to read. If you’re looking for awesome automotive content, whether you’re an amateur racer or a hardcore enthusiast, Car and Driver’s worth a look.

Road and Track

Are you looking for a review on that new minivan? Want to know what it’s like to take a Ford Raptor over a sand dune? How about a story about taking a beautiful Italian roadster over the alps? Road and Track’s the way to go.

You might not realize it, but many of you millennial men owe Road and Track some allegiance. They’re due a  thank you for bringing you the first Need for Speed. Respect.

Bike Exif

Let’s be realistic: Millennials, like every other generation of men, love motorcycles. But, our tastes are a little different. Bike Exif is right up our alley.

Whether you’re a hardcore rider or you just like looking at pictures of incredible cafe racers and scramblers, Bike Exif has what you’re looking for. 

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Outdoor Websites for Men

Do you prefer the solitude of nature over the busy streets? If casting a line or drawing a bead on a buck sounds like a good time to you, these are the manly websites you should be checking out.

Field and Stream

There’s a reason Field and Stream has been around for almost 125 years. It’s the definitive resource on outdoor pursuits. With excellent photography, illustration, and top-notch writers, F&S is pretty much the resource on all things outdoors.

Whether you’re a hunter, a fisherman, or simply someone who likes to get into the outback and rough it for a while, F&S has you covered. With tips, advice, and product guides, Field and Stream should be your first stop for mens sits about outdoor-related pursuits.

Outdoor Life

Let’s be fair right off the bat: Field and Stream and Outdoor Life are somehow affiliated. I’ve never written for either of them (though I would love to, wink wink, Mr. Editor). I also don’t know the backstory. But, Outdoor Life is awesome. In some ways, I prefer it over Field and Stream, as it covers more badass skills and practical advice than F&S.

Outdoor Life has as much fishing and hunting content, but there’s also a greater emphasis on camping and survival. The gear section is a bit more commercialized than Field and Stream, but as a result, the reviews are great and it’s one of the best mens websites out there.

The Meateater

It might seem cliche to mention Steven Rinella at this point, but as a fellow writer, the man’s brilliant. When I read American Buffalo over ten years ago, I was absolutely wrapped up in the book. The man has a way with the written word, and the Meateater website is just as good.

His shows, podcasts, and anything else he does are also incredible. The Meateater website is no different. The site covers hunting, fishing, conservation, incredible recipes, and more topics covered in ways you just won’t get anywhere else. 

Tactical Websites for Men

If you’re considering getting into shooting, competition, home defense, or any other tactical pursuit, check out these blogs.


Prepping, survival, DIY, tactical gear, guns, flashlights, knives… Whatever it is you’re into, Tactical’s got your back (or six, as they say). From beginning bushcraft skills to bug-out vehicle outfitting, the blog has plenty of useful and practical information. Hell, if you want to build an underground bunker, get reading.

Ultimately, if you’re a guy that takes survival in any condition seriously—especially in today’s environment—Tactical definitely does not suck.

Pew Pew Tactical

Pew Pew Tactical is an excellent resource for reviews and comparisons. Many of those comparisons are hands-on reviews, which is pretty rare. It’s certainly a site you should look into.

It’s not just reviews that Pew Pew Tactical has to offer. There are tips, advice, and regular blog posts to sort through. It’s an awesome site with a lot of really useful content.

Refactor Tactical

Talk about a content machine, Refactor Tactical’s blog is producing almost a post a day—really impressive stuff. While many of their blog posts are product overviews, there’s a lot for the common man to learn about tactics and gear.

From knives to guns and the gear that goes between, Refactor’s blog has plenty of topics to offer. There’s also the fact that Refactor runs a well-stocked online store, making it a one-stop-shop for a lot of your tactical needs.

Product Review Websites for Men

Product reviews. Some of them pop content out so quickly that they’re barely readable. The following are the best websites in the niche, and there’s typically quite a bit of value to be had.


Gearmoose is one of my favorite product review and roundup sites. Generally, they only review stuff guys like, so it’s applicable, and the content is decent quality. From dress watches and backpacks to hand tools and tech. They have it.

It’s not just small consumer products, either. Right now, there’s a review of the 2021 Hennessey Venom F5 on the homepage. Gearmoose even compares and reviews food and drinks. And there’s a lot of content popping up, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Gear Patrol

Gear Patrol is another one of the better options out there for reviews. The reviews are typically written by guys for guys, but there is an emphasis on output, so some of the content might lack a bit in quality.

Gear Patrol covers a lot of outdoor gear, technology, food and drink, and other totally male-targeted content. It’s certainly a product review site that doesn’t suck.

Gear Hungry

Seeing a pattern here yet? Gear Hungry is another content machine, constantly producing reviews and roundups. Despite their volume-first approach, the content’s not bad at all.

Gear Hungry has a super practical approach to product reviews. They cover a lot of outdoor, tech, and cooking gear. All stuff the average guy needs. They’ll even roundup exercise equipment, clothing, and everyday carry stuff. 

Business and Financial Websites for Men

If there’s one thing millennial men are notorious for, it’s a different approach to money and careers. These sites are perfectly crafted just for us.

Nicholas Crown

Nicholas Crown has been one of my top resources for business motivation lately. I love how realistic the guy is, while clearly not hiding that he’s been there and done that. He’s also the guy who does the Rich Vs Really Rich TikTok channel, and that cracks me up.

Credit: NicholasCrown.com

In my opinion, Nick’s biggest contribution to the business world is his newsletter. Every Monday, I get a newsletter with some insight to check out, a link to his latest podcast, and any other updates he has on what he’s working on. And the motivation? It’s real.

Millennial Money

Financially, millennials prefer to spend a bit differently than the generations before us. Millennial Money is perfectly tailored to our taste, offering advice and facts based on the way our generation looks at money.

There are lots of stories about millennials retiring in their thirties or going from broke to billionaire, but there are also advice and op-ed pieces on learning to save a bit at a time. It’s not your typical money blog, but we’re not your typical generation.

Millennial Money Man

If you’re looking for a tremendous resource of financial and investment knowledge, Millennial Money Man is an excellent place to start. This is another financial blog created specifically for millennials, with advice tailored just for us.

So, if you’re wondering if Robin Hood works, if Acorns is worth it, or you’re looking for a legitimate side hustle to bring in some extra cash, check out Millennial Money Man. It’s almost impossible to run out of content to consume.

Money Crashers

For less of an advice perspective and more of a financial overview-type site, Money Crashers brings a lot to the table. This site’s goal is to create a community of people who try to make financially sound decisions. Pretty admirable aspirations, if you ask me.

And, since things look different for millennials, Money Crashers takes a more modern approach to money management. From making more money to managing your money better, the blog has a ton of interesting articles to read through.

Your Turn

I want this particular blog post to be fluid, and I would love to get the community’s thoughts. What are your most visited website or your favorite blogs for men? Which categories would you add? Sports? Entertainment? A news site? Food and drink? Let me know in the comments below, and make sure you subscribe so you won’t miss any updates or future content!

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