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About The Graying Area: A Blog for Millennial Men Who Don’t Suck

The Graying Area’s Mission

Being a millennial man has its challenges, and it’s become acceptable (almost expected) to suck. The Graying Area is changing that. This Blog for Millennial Men Who Don’t Suck has a goal: Create a community of like-minded men who want to improve themselves, learn new skills, spend money wisely, and generally enjoy themselves learning about topics that matter to us.

Our History

Started in 2020, I founded The Graying Area to change the landscape of men’s interest blogs. Since the beginning, I’ve tailored each blog post to real guys looking for real information on how to improve themselves, learn new badass skills, and change the way the world looks at millennial men.

Be sure to check out my posts:
– Product reviews
Opinions and insights
– Badass skills
Side hustles
And other articles catered to men who don’t suck.

Tom Scalisi
Founder of The Graying Area

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