Best Ball Deodorant—Hands-on Testing With 8 Awesome Products

Let’s connect on this one, guys. Unless you’re into some niche kink, no one likes sweaty balls. They’re uncomfortable. They stink. And they can definitely kill the mood. They even create a breeding ground for bacteria, some of which can cause infections and other skin problems. We gotta look out for our boys!

So this might seem a little nuts, but I did some hands-on testing with some of the highest-ranked ball deodorant products on Amazon. I put my very valuable skin to the test to help you figure out which are the best products for sweaty balls, and which ball powder you should stay away from. Keep reading to learn more about what I found.

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Best Ball Deodorants

Best Overall: Ballsy Ballguard Liquid Powder
Runner Up: Man Parts Powder Protection
Best Budget: Manspot Ball Lotion
Best Lotion: Fresh Body Fresh Balls Lotion
Best Powder: Pete and Pedro Body and Balls Powder
Best Scented: Happy Nuts Comfort Powder
Best Unscented: Dude Body Powder with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera
Best Spray: Ballsy Sack Spray

How I Tested the Best Ball Deodorant

Long story short: I put these products on my balls after showering. I have a pretty busy lifestyle which includes coaching multiple teams, keeping up with four kids, attending random school events in buildings that refuse to use air conditioning, and working in my poorly-insulated office without the window air conditioner installed. The long and short of it is the family jewels are always running a little hot down there.

So, after applying this lotion, I would take note of how comfortable I was during the day. Was I dealing with swamp ass? Did things feel a little sticky? Was there a bit of an unpleasant odor when I pulled the old trousers down? I also used each product for several weeks (this is a three-month test, fellas) to determine if any of them would cause any discomfort or irritation. I really hung ‘em out there for you guys. 

Once I knew which products I liked best, as well as the pros and cons of each, I ranked them based on their strengths. This guide is the result of what I found after using these ball deodorants. 

8 Best Ball Deodorants

Who isn’t looking for a quality, anti-chafing ball deodorant to control odors and keep things feeling fresh all day? I tested the following products over the course of several hot months to determine which formula is best, and which ones you should try below the belt.

Best Overall: Ballsy Ballguard Liquid Powder

Type: Lotion
Active Ingredient: Tapioca starch

By far, Ballsy Ballguard is my favorite among all the ball deodorants in the test. First, I’ve been using it for years. Second, it works the best (and the longest), and it’s the easiest to apply as it won’t make a mess. Like most lotions, it will dry out your hands if you don’t wash it off after applying, but it’s certainly worth the effort. It smells great, lasts all day, and will honestly make you feel more confident. It’s talc-free, aluminum-free, and paraben-free, as well.

Runner Up: Man Parts Powder Protection

Type: Lotion
Active Ingredient: Tapioca starch

Man Parts was definitely my second favorite ball deodorant to use in the test. It smells nice without being overpowering, lasted the second longest (Ballsy really does knock it out of the park), and it’s a lotion, so it’s easy to apply. I did notice that it dried my hands out a little less than the other lotions but still offered long-lasting odor protection. I normally purchase another tube of Ballguard right away, but with Man Parts in the house, I didn’t feel the immediate need to run out and buy another. It’s very good, and it’s free of talc, aluminum, and parabens. Also, it’s worth noting that most other lotions came in 3.4-ounce bottles, while Man Parts is 4 ounces.

Best Budget: Manspot Ball Lotion

Type: Lotion
Active Ingredient: Honestly, I’m not sure, and we’ll talk about it

Let’s start this off by saying that the Manspot Ball Lotion is a decent product for odor control, and it has a pleasant, light scent. However, I wasn’t sold on its ability to keep moisture at bay during the test. It’s easy to apply (it even comes in a spray, which I didn’t use), with just a few squirts in the hand is all that’s required to apply it. It’s really more lotion than liquid powder, but there isn’t a lot of information about ingredients (yeah I put my balls on the line for you guys). It’s a decent product at a good price and it’s easy to apply, so it may be worth a shot.

Best Lotion: Fresh Body Fresh Balls Lotion

Type: Lotion
Active Ingredient: Tapioca starch

Fresh Balls lotion is actually pretty darn good. While I already had a few lotions in the test, I wanted to try it because it’s supposedly made in the USA and it’s talc, aluminum, and paraben free. The scent was okay—it sort of reminded me of a high-quality hair gel’s scent. Like all lotions, it’s not messy and it’s easy to apply. Choosing this product over Ballguard or Man Parts will likely come down to scent, as it’s only slightly less effective. Definitely worth a shot.

Best Powder: Pete and Pedro Body and Balls Powder

Type: Powder
Active Ingredient: Cornstarch

Pete and Pedro is definitely a premium-type nut deodorant, costing about 25% more than many of the other products on the list. But, it’s damn effective. It has a light scent that isn’t overpowering, and it’s great at absorbing sweat. It’s not easy to apply (no powders are), but I found a shot down the shorts or applying it with toilet paper helped keep the dust to a minimum while effectively protecting the ole’ twig and giggleberries. Like all of the products on this list, it’s paraben, talc, and aluminum free.

Best Scented: Happy Nuts Comfort Powder

Type: Powder
Active Ingredient: Tapioca starch

Hands down, Happy Nuts Comfort Powder is the best-smelling ball deodorant in the test. It smells masculine and the scent is strong enough to notice without being overpowering. It’s messy to apply, just as all powders are, but the scent may be worth it for some guys. It’s talc and aluminum-free, offering long-lasting sweat protection and absorption, and it’s marketed as “anti bat-wing,” which is pretty damn funny. It’s a great powder for the summer months, but users will have to cope with a bit of a mess on their floor.

Best Unscented: Dude Body Powder with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera

Type: Powder
Active Ingredient: Corn starch

Hey, some guys want completely odorless balls, and we get that. For those fellas, the Dude Body Powder is the way to go. We believe in Dude products, and this powder certainly lived up to the reputation. It was long-lasting and I liked that it contains vitamin E and aloe to soothe the undercarriage fresh and keep it fresh during the hot summer months. It also helps with chafing from exercising and bat-winging when sitting at a desk.

Best Spray: Ballsy Sack Spray

Type: Spray
Active Ingredient: Not really an antiperspirant

Ballsy’s Sack Spray is designed to neutralize odors and keep things smelling fresh, but not necessarily to protect against moisture and sweat. But, it is ph balanced, which helps neutralize bacteria and fungus and prevent itchy jock itch. The scent is great and it’s a nice touch for a quick touch-up before things get serious, but I’ve also used it as a body spray, as well. I wouldn’t rely on it for moisture control, but women will appreciate the scent.

Other Products I May Try in the Future

This has been several months in the making, and since I apply ball deodorant every day, I’m starting to run low. Other products I’ve been keeping an eye on are Tame the Beast Nutt Butter, Manscaped Crop Preserver Anti Chafing Ball Deodorant, Toppcock Silver, and Viking Revolution. If you worry or wonder which other ball deodorants might be worth using to protect your balls, let me know in the comments below. If they’re safe, I’ll consider giving them a shot.

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Why You Need a Ball Deodorant

Let’s face it, when left to their own devices, balls stink. That dark, warm, sweaty area between your legs is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, causing the area around and behind your nuts to stink. And, in most cases, body odor from any region of the body is a pretty big turn-off. It doesn’t matter if it’s a date, dropping trou in the company bathroom, or working out at the gym: no one wants to smell your ball sweat, and a ball deodorant can help you stay fresh.

A private parts deodorant can also help with another nasty side effect of bacteria, fungus, and ball sweat: jock itch. Jock itch is a very itchy fungal infection that occurs around the balls, butt, and penis. Itching is caused by microscopic organisms calling the sensitive skin in those areas home, and a good ball deodorant that cuts down on sweat and bacteria can help avoid it.

Finally, most guys have experienced chafing in their lifetimes. This can be caused by dry skin, lots of movement (walking or exercising for long periods), or even just uncomfortable underwear. An anti-chafing ball deodorant can prevent this from happening and also help relieve the area with ingredients like soothing aloe vera.

Are Traditional Deodorants Safe for My Balls?

While deodorants may be great for your armpits, we don’t suggest rubbing them on your balls. The groin area consists of sensitive skin, and rubbing gel or solid deodorant meant for armpits in those areas can cause uncomfortable or painful reactions. While they’ll likely do a great job of odor control, this could cause worse discomfort than good ole’ swamp crotch.

The Different Types of Ball Deodorant

As is the case with most things in life, there are several types of ball deodorant on the market. While all aim to keep the groin area fresh and free from odor and chafing, they go about the job in different ways. The following are some of the most common types of ball deodorants.


Lotions typically come in squeeze tubes or pump bottles, and they’re the easiest option to apply. Simply squeeze the cream from the bottle or tube and apply it to your balls, taint, and surrounding area with your hands. Lotions are by far the least likely to make a mess, and it dries quickly once applied.


Powders come in tube-like bottles with small perforations in the lid, just like baby powder. They can be effective but they’re difficult to apply (I haven’t quite mastered it yet). The best way I found was to shake the powder out into my hands and apply it to area. But, it would be a lot more convenient if there was a way to apply it from the bottle to the undercarriage. Either way, powder can make one hell of a mess.

Note: I did find a helpful use for the powder deodorants: A quick shot down the shorts. This will help prevent sticking or the bunching of underwear while playing a sport or exercising. Simply pull out the waistband, aim the bottle down, and give it a squeeze.


Sprays are in the middle of lotions and powder. They come in small spray bottles that can be aimed anywhere a bit of deodorant is needed (behind the balls, between the leg and sack, and even around the ass). I did find that sprays do a good job of keeping odor to a minimum, but things can still get a little humid down there.

Solid Cologne

Solid colognes often have the best scent, and they aren’t that difficult to apply. A little on the tips of the fingers and a light layer over the ball sack and things will stay pretty fresh for a while. However, they don’t do much for moisture, so bacteria and fungus can still be a possibility.

Ball Deodorant Ingredients

When it comes to protecting your nethers against moisture and odor, it’s best to use deodorants that feature natural ingredients. After all, the skin around the area is very thin, and there is a lot going on behind that thin veil. We want to keep things as natural as possible down there.

Some common natural ingredients that guys should look for are corn and tapioca starch, tea tree oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, arrowroot, and witch hazel, among others. Corn and tapioca starch will absorb sweat without preventing the body’s need to perspire while also preventing chafing. Tea tree oil, coconut oil, aloe, arrowroot, and witch hazel will help soothe the area, hydrate skin, and keep it feeling fresh without dangerous chemicals.

What Other Ingredients Should I Avoid?

There are certain ingredients that it’s best to avoid. The first, and most important of which, is talc. Some talc may contain cancer-causing asbestos, and while it does a great job of keeping things cool and comfortable, ball cancer is obviously no joke. Look for talc-free deodorants.

Another ingredient to avoid rubbing on your nuts is aluminum. Many traditional antiperspirants contain aluminum, and this ingredient plugs the pours in the skin to prevent excessive sweating. It can also cause yellow staining on fabrics, which is just a bad look all around. Instead, look for an aluminum-free deodorant (for your armpits as well! Luckily, we have you covered with this Ballsy guide, including deodorant).

Finally, make sure to avoid parabens. These ingredients prevent mold or bacteria from growing on your deodorant, but they can also impact hormone production. Considering your nutsack is basically a hormone factory, it’s best to look for a paraben-free product.

Ball Deodorant FAQs

What is the best ball deodorant for odor?

In my opinion, Ballsy Ballguard is by far the best deodorant for testicles. It lasts long, smells great, and minimizes chafing and the chance of jock itch.

Is ball deodorant better than spray?

It depends. When it comes to simply freshening up the boys, sprays are great. When it comes to actually reducing sweating and smelling, go with a ball deodorant.

What can I put on my balls for sweating?

Ball deodorants that contain corn or tapioca starch are best for keeping sweaty nuts under control.

Is it okay to put deodorant on balls?

Ball deodorant, yes. Underarm deodorant, absolutely not. Traditional deodorants aren’t safe and can cause irritation and hormonal changes when applied to the testicular area.

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