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The Best Minimalist Leather Wallet: Vera Forma Leatherworks Commodore

I hate having crap in my pockets. If I could get away with a knife, one key, a bit of cash, and a debit card, I’d be a happy man. But that’ll never happen, so I try to keep my pocket carry as minimal as possible. That penchant for keeping it light led me to the search for the best minimalist leather wallet.  

And I might’ve found it in the Vera Forma Leatherworks Commodore.

This small, rugged leather wallet fits in my front pocket, holds what I need it to, looks great, and gets the job done. Keep reading as I review this wallet. I’ll discuss what it is, what it isn’t, and if you should get one for yourself (spoiler alert: you should).

For the record, Vera Forma did send me this wallet for free, but it wasn’t to review it. And, The Graying Area is now an affiliate with Amazon, so if you purchase a wallet using our link, we might make a little cash.

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The Best Minimalist Leather Wallet: Quick Take

You might not have a lot of time to read this whole article. I get it. I’ll give you my quick take though. My favorite minimalist leather wallet is the Vera Forma Leatherworks Commodore (available on Amazon). It looks and smells great, and it’s just so damned functional. Grab one!

The Graying Area is an Amazon Associate, so if you buy your Vera Forma Leatherworks Commodore through our link, we’ll make a bit of cash. And that’s the goal, right? For me to get rich and fill my Commodore with cash.

The Best Minimalist Leather Wallet: Vera Forma Leatherworks Commodore

Maybe it’s my wildly busy mind taking up too much of my brainpower or my disdain for anything too new or over the top, but I like things simple. I like old cars, acoustic guitars, hand tools, and simple leather wallets. The Commodore from Vera Forma Leatherworks is one of those things.

This minimalist leather wallet is a bi-fold design with four pockets: no zippers, no buttons, no hook-and-loop, no chain, no nonsense. Just a few pieces of leather cut, glued, and stitched together to hold a few cards and some cash.

That’s right up my alley.

Minimalist Leather Wallet
Look at how good that leather looks, especially around other leather EDC items.

The Vera Forma Leatherworks Commodore Pros

There are a lot of things to like about the Vera Forma Leatherworks Commodore. Let’s take a look at why this wallet has become my go-to piece for everyday carry.

  • Small footprint
  • Horween leather
  • Patinas nicely
  • Made in the USA

The most important thing about a minimalist wallet is that it must be just that: minimal. It has to be small, easy to carry, and slim. The Commodore accomplishes all those tasks. At just under 4 inches tall and right around 2 3/4 inches wide, it’s not much larger than the credit or debit cards it holds. And, at right around ¼-inch thick (empty, it takes up very little pocket space. 

I’ve even thrown the Commodore in my back pocket a few times just to simulate how someone else might carry it. Its small footprint is ideal for minimalist EDC in any pocket.

Vera Forma Leatherworks uses leather sourced from the Horween Leather Company. Horween is a family-owned tannery from Chicago, and it was established in 1905. Horween Leather is well known in the leatherworking community (which is a badass skill, and I highly recommend it) for its quality and character. Immediately after opening the Commodore’s packaging, the smell of real, rich leather floods your nostrils. 

Beyond the smell, the leather ages and patinas wonderfully. I’m pretty hard on wallets, and my Commodore has seen its fair share of abuse. Even with the scratches earned from months of pocket time, it only gets better looking. And, since it comes in both black and brown, it looks great and will go with any EDC kit.

If a product’s country of origin matters, you can be proud of the Commodore’s birthplace:  It’s made in the good old US of A. That’s right. No low-quality overseas craftsmanship or cost-cutting. Just American assembly from American leather. 

The Vera Forma Leatherworks Commodore Cons

I’m sort of gushing over the Commodore, so it’s only fair to point out where it falls short. Two things didn’t really impress me, but one of them appears to be fixed in the models currently available.

  • Maybe.. the logo belongs inside
  • The edge paint was an issue

I’m not a big fan of logos. I don’t wear graphic T-shirts or hoodies. Knives with lots of branding turn me off. And, I strongly dislike the massive badges manufacturers are putting on their cars and trucks these days. In that same vein, I’d prefer the Vera Forma Leatherworks logo be on the inside of this wallet rather than on the outside. That’s just me.

minimalist leather wallet
I’d prefer that logo on the inside — maybe that’s just me.

And, even more of an issue than the logo was the edge paint. If you don’t know what edge paint is, it’s exactly how it sounds: A paint that coats the edge of leather goods. Leatherworking is a hobby of mine, so I have a bit of experience with edge paint. It’s not a low-quality product by any means, but it is subject to cracking with thinner leather goods like wallets. I actually like the worn look, but some guys might not.

I spoke to the owner of Vera Forma Leatherworks, Velid (but you can call him V), about this issue. The answer surprised me. He admitted that the edge paint was intended to add another layer of patina but that they weren’t satisfied with the results. They’ve since switched to dying the edges. 

To prove it to me, he sent me two additional wallets: One in brown and one in black. The edges look great, and to be honest, dying leather without making a mess is more difficult than edge painting, so hats off to Vera Forma for making that adjustment.

Final Thoughts: Is this minimalist leather wallet worth it?

Minimalist Leather Wallet
This minimalist leather wallet fits my style perfectly

Most guys are ridiculous about their wallets. They carry them every day and rely on them to hold the keys to their financial vehicle, yet they’d prefer to spend $10 at a truck stop on a fake leather piece of crap than invest in a quality wallet. 

But, at around just $40, there’s a lot of value here. For one, you have to understand that Vera Forma isn’t cutting any corners. The brand uses long-lasting materials and commits to improving its products where it can. There are cheaper leathers they can use and cheaper places they can assemble the Commodore. But, there’s a commitment to quality, and that should matter to you.

And the best part? Instead of being embarrassed by a shitty-looking old wallet stuffed with receipts, I’m proud to present this one. Whether I’m paying at a register or squaring away the bill at a restaurant, its good looks and simple design fit my style perfectly. 

So my opinion is that the Commodore minimalist leather wallet is one-hundred percent worth the money for any guy searching for a rugged, handsome minimalist leather wallet that will only get better over time. Is it perfect? No, but you can spend a lot more for a lot less, and that’s the true sign of value.

Your Turn

What are your thoughts? Are you about the minimalist leather wallet life? Do you own a Commodore? How’s it been holding up? Let me know in the comments below. Also, like, share, subscribe, do all the things you’re supposed to do to support The Graying Area! Every bit helps.

Minimalist Leather Wallet FAQs

Are minimalist leather wallets worth it?

Minimalist leather wallets are all about self-control. They prevent you from carrying too much crap and storing too many items. They’re absolutely worth the money in that they force you to carry less.

How much should a good wallet cost?

Realistically, a “good wallet” means it will be well-made and use good-quality products. That costs money. You can expect to pay between $35 and $75 dollars for a good wallet.

How do I carry less in my wallet?

Overloaded wallets are uncomfortable and can be bad for your back. The first way to carry less is to buy a smaller wallet that will hold less. Minimize what you carry to your ID, your health insurance card, a debit card, two emergency credit cards, and your work ID if necessary. Also, switching to a money clip is always a good idea.

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