Dr Squatch Review

Is Dr. Squatch Good? Find out in this honest hands-on review

Let’s be honest: Dr. Squatch’s commercials are amazing. They’re funny, flashy, and relatable. As far as men’s advertising goes, they’re absolutely nailing the game. But, is Dr. Squatch good? Let’s take a look with this Dr. Squatch Review.

Disclaimer: Unlike many of the other Dr. Squatch Reviews on the internet, this review is totally unsponsored. The Graying Area hasn’t taken any sponsored posts yet. That means I get to be totally honest with you about Dr. Squatch’s products (the ones I have hands-on experience with, at least). And hint: I’m going to slam one of these products in this honest review.

For anyone who can’t sit through the whole review, I’ll give you a quick breakdown: Dr. Squatch’s soaps are AWESOME. I also love the deodorant! The shampoo and condition? Not so much.

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What is Dr. Squatch?

I’m kind of a brand loyalist, so I like to get to know the companies I review as best as possible. I get that it’s probably a little weird, but oh well. It’s my site.

Dr. Squatch is a manufacturing company of men’s soap and personal care products. It was started in 2013 in San Diego, California, by a gentleman named Jack Haldrup in his “soap lab” garage. The brand’s focus has been on using natural ingredients and attacking “Big Soap,” as they say. While the company is now Los Angeles-based, its natural priorities remain the same.

The brand started as a soap company, but its current line of products runs the gamut from soap and shampoo to beard care and candles. There is even a line of toothpaste. All the products are masculine and geared towards men, with rustic and woodsy aromas — pretty badass stuff.

What Dr. Squatch might be best known for are its amazing ad campaigns. They hire comedic delivery king James Schrader, and whoever writes the commercials absolutely nails them. To be honest, I was in the market for a new deodorant, and a Dr. Squatch ad is what sold me. So I said, okay Dr. Squatch, where to buy? Amazon, that’s where.

Which Dr. Squatch Products I Tried

Dr. Squatch Review
Courtesy of DrSquatch.com

When I bought a bunch of Dr. Squatch stuff, I was looking for an all-natural deodorant. I’ve been using the same ultra-toxic crap since middle school when girls and math made me sweat buckets. I had recently watched Real Men Real Style’s deodorant video, and knew I needed to try something more natural.

Dr. Squatch’s website is just as cool as its commercials. I only wanted to purchase deodorant, but ended up suckering myself into buying a whole new personal care set. 

Click here for more cool websites.

I bought three bars of natural soap, shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant. My wife likes woodsy smells, so I went with Pine Tar (available on Amazon), Cedar Citrus (available on Amazon), and Gold Moss (available on Amazon) for the bar soap scents. The shampoo’s scent was Cool Citrus, and the conditioner was Cypress Coast. The deodorant, most important of all, was Birchwood Breeze (available on Amazon). 

I didn’t handpick those masculine scents, but it’s marketing. They came in the “Forest Bundle,” which was the best value I found… Although, I could’ve just purchased a stick of deodorant… 

The kit also came with a soap-saving wooden block that keeps your bar soap from wasting away too quickly. I’ll tell you right now: that sucker is worth it.

All told, the total of the Dr.Squatch products from Amazon was $63.72 shipped to my door. I know, I know. That’s a lot of money when three bars of soap, deodorant, shampoo, and conditioner would cost just over $20 at Wal-Mart. But hey, you gotta take care of yourself. And, if you really want, you can check out the Walmart Dr. Squatch selection (here’s a hint, you won’t find any).

And you guys are worth it.

When the products arrived

Shipping wasn’t quick, but it wasn’t terrible, either. From the day I ordered to the day it ended up on my porch step, the total was 7 days. I didn’t shoot any unboxing shots, but it was relatively straightforward packaging.

Everything arrived safe and sound. Except for one thing: I didn’t get the shampoo and conditioner I thought I was getting. I got a scent called Fresh Falls, which was apparently a new scent that Dr. Squatch was trying out. It’s kind of crappy that they weren’t the correct products, but honestly, I didn’t even notice for a few weeks. After all, I was really in it for the deodorant.

Yes, it sucks that Dr. Squatch sent me the wrong product. But there is way more to the story.

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The Dr. Squatch Deodorant

Dr. Squatch Review
Courtesy of DrSquatch.com

I’m not sure if I mentioned it yet in this review, but I was shopping for all-natural deodorant, so I decided to try myself some Squatch. 

Apparently, the aluminum in most deodorants that clogs your pores so you’re unable to secrete sweat is really bad for you and your skin health. Who would’ve guessed? It also stains and ruins your shirts. And, for me at least, the deodorant I had been using for 20 years had started smelling weird to me after a few hours. I think my body chemistry changed.

The Birchwood Breeze deodorant smelled great, so I was really eager to try it. Dr. Squatch describes it as smelling “like a crisp birchwood forest.” I come from the school of thought that you can’t use the name of something when defining it, but oh well: Birchwood Forest it is.

Even though Dr. Squatch uses natural ingredients, the list consists of some complicated names that you and I probably don’t understand. The important part to understand is that it uses charcoal for odor protection, arrowroot for moisture absorption, and probiotics to restore balance. 

And, it comes in a white stick. Now, this is an important point because I’ve always had a hard time with stick deodorants. Whenever I ran out of my typical gel and had to use a stick, it would cause a seriously uncomfortable rash. 

Not this deodorant. It makes me a better man (and by better, I mean less smelly).

It’s awesome

I love this deodorant. I’m a relatively smelly guy, so a deodorant has its work cut out for itself. This crap smells awesome and lasts all day. My shirts don’t have nasty discolored stains, and I’m not plugging my pits with aluminum. It’s not quite as effective as an antiperspirant as the toxic crap I was using, but it works really well. And as long as you read the ingredients carefully, you should be able to avoid any allergic contact dermatitis.

Deodorant: 10/10, would buy again.

Update 12/30/2021: I promise my feelings haven’t changed on the Dr. Squatch Deodorant. But, I have since switched to another product. Click here to see what I’m using now.

Squatch Soap

Dr. Squatch Review
Again, courtesy DrSquatch.com

The natural soap is really Dr. Squatch’s thing. The company uses natural ingredients, a cold-process manufacturing method (which I don’t really understand, but maybe I’ll find a YouTube video to embed), and the bars are pretty beefy. They’re huge chunks of soap. And that’s a good think, as they are a bit pricey compared to big brand soaps.

All of the bar soap smells great, but the Pine Tar has been my favorite. Dr. Squatch describes it as smelling like an “old forest grove.” It smells like pine. It also contains a heavy grit for exfoliating dead skin cells, and the soap lathers up well to help get really clean.

The list of ingredients in Squatch bar soap is boring as hell, but they’re all-natural, and the important ones are natural oils like olive oil, palm oil, and coconut oils, as well as shea butter, and some essential oils, depending on the particular bar soap. No harsh chemicals or artificial stuff like regular soaps.

Note: I don’t have sensitive skin, but I didn’t notice any allergic reaction, contact dermatitis, or any other signs when using any of these products.

Here. This is cold process soap. Enjoy.

Love it!

I love this bar soap. The smell, the lather, how long it lasts, and how well it cleans are all spot on. I’m a hairy dude (‘bet you didn’t know we were going to get so intimate in this review), and this soap does a great job of cleaning my mane. It also exfoliates some of the dry skin in my rough areas (wouldn’t you like to know?). It’s just good soap.

Another reviewer said in their nonsense blog’s Dr Squatch Soap Review that you can expect to get 10 washes out of this soap. That’s bullshit. I used one bar of Pine Tar every day (sometimes twice a day) for almost four weeks. This is after yard work, working on the car, fixing stuff around the house… You know, just being freggin’ awesome. I was so impressed with how long this soap lasts.

Did the scent last all day? No, I don’t think so, but it’s also one of those things that you can’t tell by yourself. And, I don’t think any bar soaps last all day, so there.

Soap: 10/10, would scrub up with Squatch soap bars again.

Dr. Squatch’s Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Dr. Squatch Review
Courtesy DrSquatch.com, though they might try suing me after I slam these products SO hard.

I’m not a tall man, and I’m not particularly handsome. I can’t throw a 90 MPH fastball, and I can’t dunk a basketball. I don’t have a ton going for me, but I do have one thing: Great hair.

I take my hair ridiculously seriously. Most guys my age don’t have a quarter of what I have on my head. Yeah, it’s graying pretty quickly, but it’s thick and awesome. The shampoo and conditioner I use are a big deal to me. 

We already know that Dr. Squatch boogered up my order and sent me the wrong products. It’s their bundle, after all. How the hell do you screw it up? But the issues don’t stop there.

The Fresh Falls scent is supposed to smell like a crisp forest waterfall. I don’t get that smell, but it does smell pretty good. Not nearly as manly as Pine Tar, but it’s pleasant. The shampoo contains oat protein for strong hair, jojoba oil for moisture, and honey to fortify and replenish the hair. The conditioner contains shea butter for moisture, avocado oil to nourish, and menthol to soothe the scalp. Some other conditioners may also contain tea tree oil.

They Suck!

Honestly, these two products suck. They made my hair feel heavy and greasy, and I don’t have naturally oily hair. My wife even asked what was up because it was so noticeable, and I looked so sad. It made me sad, guys.

For $16 a bottle, there are many, many other products I could buy that would do a better job. In fact, I have a product that I’d recommend over the Dr. Squatch shampoo and conditioner, but that’s best left for another review.

My hair is kind of long, so maybe that’s a factor. Maybe this shampoo and conditioner would be okay with short hair. But, in my book, it was so bad that I won’t use it again. Ever… My hair’s lasted this long; I’m not abusing it like that twice.

Shampoo and Conditioner: 2/10, smells good but works like crap. Crap might actually work better.

Final (honest) Thoughts

There are a few factors at play when it comes to forming an opinion on Dr. Squatch products. For one, I have to factor in the price. As far as soaps and deodorants go, they’re far more expensive than anything else I’ve ever used. But then, I have to consider how well they work; the soap and deodorant are fantastic, while the hair care products are terrible. Finally, they screwed up my order. How does that even happen? It was a bundle, people! A bundle!

Here’s what I’ll say: I will continue to use Dr. Squatch deodorant for the foreseeable future. It’s really, really good. And the fact that I don’t smell funky after a long day is worth the extra cash, in my opinion. As far as the soaps go, they’re awesome, but I’ll try others. There are a few other brands I’d like to try anyway (one of which is very local to me). The shampoo and conditioner? Forget about it. Never again will that weird, greasy crap touch this scalp or these beautiful, flowing locks.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried Dr. Squatch products? Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments below if there’s a product out there you like or would recommend.


Is Dr. Squatch soap worth it?

Obviously, Dr. Squatch soap is more expensive than almost anything you can buy in a department store, but it’s worth it. It’s made from natural ingredients, and the lather and scent are great. They also last a long time (especially if you get the soap saver block). And a set of soaps could make a really great set of gifts for men, so consider that when shopping.

How long does a bar of Dr. Squatch last?

Dr. Squatch says each bath soap bar will last 21 days. My experience was a few days longer than that.

Is the soap guy Dr. Squatch?

That guy is an actor, writer, and comedian, and he’s awesome. His name is James Schrader; go check out some of his other work. 

Does Dr. Squatch have free shipping?

Dr. Squatch covers shipping for most purchases totaling more than $40.

How long does it take Dr. Squatch to deliver?

Dr. Squatch says they take 1 to 3 days to process your order, and 3 to 7 to ship it. My experience was on the lower end, and I’m on the east coast.

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  1. Hey Tom, great review. I got pretty sucked into looking into Dr. Squatch and all natural soaps, and came across your site. I’ve got to say I love the soaps, but still trying to decide on the shampoo and conditioner. I too have a very thick head of hair, so I’ve been scouring for the best alternative(I look forward to seeing what you have to say that you’ll end up trying). And more specifically, is that large price tag for the soap worth it?

    I think you’ve sold me on the soap part, I never really liked or cared much about which soaps/smells I’m getting. But after reading this post and your Self care one, I can definitely say it’s worth the investment. Also thank you for the thoughts on the deodorant, I had a terrible experience with an all natural one before but I think I need to give it another go. I look forward to seeing more from y ou.

    1. Hey Zeb! Thanks for the comments and kind words, brother. I think you’ve caught the gist of it: the soap and deodorant are totally worth it. Stay tuned for the shampoo question: I’ll bump it up the priority list and get an answer to you sooner rather than later. You might be surprised!

  2. That’s so funny. I have oily hair, and Dr Squatch’s Fresh Falls shampoo is the best I’ve used lol I went to buy some soap and ended up adding the shampoo so I could get free shipping. Sorry it didn’t work for you! I just tried the deodorant a couple days ago though and I’m loving it so far! I have tried a lot of non aluminum deodorants, and while most of them are good, they end up irritating my skin or making it feel dry sometimes. So far the doc has not!

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