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Tying Boots The Best Way: Anything Else and You’re Wrong

If you’re anything like me, you hate when your boots come untied. I spent years in the trades and law enforcement, and a boot lace coming untied was a serious safety hazard. For a long time, I used an “improved double knot,” as I like to call it, for securing my laces. It worked. But recently, I found the best method for tying boots. And, in my opinion, if you’re not using this method, you’re making a mistake (I’m kidding, lace your boots whichever way you’d like, but give this method a shot).

And, with so many guys giving up careers in the office and moving toward a more outdoor lifestyle, there’s a real need for this article. It might not be as cool as my badass skills articles, and it doesn’t contain the most beautiful photography, but it’s necessary. Guys need to learn to keep their boots tied to stay safe, be productive, and just be a guy who doesn’t suck. This guide will provide a quick overview of the best method of tying boots. 

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tying boots
You might not see the difference now, but you will. Keep reading.

The Laces

Listen, before I go any further, you’ll probably notice that these laces I’m using look pretty clean. They’re a brand new pair of Birch ⅕”-thick boot laces (available on Amazon). I refreshed these Golden Fox Boots using some leather conditioner from Vera Forma Leatherworks (available on Amazon), and new laces were undoubtedly necessary. 

So far, these things are outstanding. Much thicker than the laces that typically come with boots, allowing for more compression and friction. And, at like $6, you seriously can’t beat them. I love this brand, and they’re the only laces I’ll be buying moving forward. 

Check ‘em out.

The Best Method for Tying Boots

Alright, boys. This is the best method for tying work boots. It doesn’t matter which type of boot you wear; this is how to get the job done once in the morning and not have to deal with it again until your shift is over.

Tying Boots Step 1: Start By Tying Boots Like Normal

tying boots
Start it out just like tying any pair of boots.

Start by sliding your feet into your boots and tying them like normal. If you have speed hooks, wrap ‘em up. If you’re using your eyelets, lace them. This method won’t make your boots any tighter or looser, so get comfortable. 

Wrap your laces around each other and pull tight one time, just like you normally would.

Tying Boots Step 2: Make Double Bunny Ears and Wrap Them

tying boots
Double-up them bunny ears, boys.

I get it; I don’t love the term “bunny ears” either, but I think it’s something we can all identify with from our childhood. Besides, we’re secure in our masculinity here, right?

Wrap those bunny ears around each other once. Use whatever analogy you need, whether it’s the “hole in the log” or whatever, to make this happen. 


tying boots
Let ’em hang loose for another step.

Don’t pull your laces tight after wrapping them around each other. If you do, you’re just going to end up with the same bullshit knot you’ve always used, and it simply doesn’t work. It’s time to move on, guys.

Tying Work Boots Step 4: Wrap the Bunny Ears Around Each Other Again

tying boots
Wrap one of those bunny ears around one more time. That’s the trick.

Here’s the trick! Take one of those ears and pass it through the hole again. It’s a little tricky to do at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. If you have big, clumsy fingers, you might struggle a bit more, but don’t give up. An extra minute spent here each morning prevents you from dealing with loose laces for the whole rest of your day. 

Typing Work Boots Step 5: Pull ‘Em Tight!

tying boots
Pull those bunny ears tight and you got yourself one killer boot knot.

Move the tail-end of the laces out of the way and grab those bunny ears. Yank on those SOBs. The friction caused by the doubled ears creates a knot that not only stays put, but can actually be difficult to pull loose at the end of the day.

Here’s the high-speed version. It’s just one more step, but a much better knot. Twice the friction coupled with a good set of laces like this pair from Birch (available on Amazon) and you’re all set.

Tying Boots FAQs

Q. How tight should you tie your work boots?

When you’re younger, you can get away with being lazy with your hiking or work boots, but as you age, you need support. Your work boots should be snug around your ankle and lower leg (depending on the height of the upper), but not so tight that they’re uncomfortable.

Q. How do you tie your boots?

There are a ton of different ways for tying work boots, and many of the methods depend on the style of boots. Generally speaking, the basic criss-cross laces and the knot shown in this article is the best method for tying boots.

Q. How do you lace up boots with hooks?

The hooks on certain boots are called “speed hooks,” and they allow the user to quickly lace and unlace their boots for easy on and off. While there are a ton of trendy methods for tying work boots with speed hooks, most will get you laughed at on a job site or locker room. But, I’ll show you a hack. The trick to this method is leaving your laces tied and not using the top eyelets:

Boot tying: Cheat Mode

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